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If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking about the details of your dog’s personality, or wondering how their attitude compares to other dogs…

Then check out this dog personality quiz — it’s easy, fun, and the PERFECT way to determine your dog’s personality archetype.

Who knows… if you have multiple dogs, you might even end up with suns, moons, AND stars in your pack!

(Keep reading to find out what that means in just a second.)

Once you’ve finished, feel free to share whichever result your dog winds up with!

To start, make sure you have a way to track your answers (like the Notes app on your phone, or a pen and piece of paper)…

Then tally up at the end to see whether your pup is a sun, moon, or star dog!


1. What is your dog’s favorite game?

a) Tug-of-war
b) Fetch
c) Chase

2. What is your dog’s favorite food?

a) Poultry
b) Meat
c) Seafood

3. Which classic dog behavior does your pup do most often?

a) Digging
b) Chewing
c) Sniffing

4. What’s your dog’s favorite type of toy?

a) Bouncy, rubber toys
b) Hard, sturdy toys
c) Soft, plush toys

5. Where does your dog show the most expression? In their…

a) Wagging tail
b) Flopping ears
c) Puppy-dog eyes

Now, tally up your answers — and whether your pup had mostly A, B, or C…

And let’s find out which kind of pup you’ve got!

If your dog’s answers were mostly A…

cute yorkshire terrier

Your pup is a sun dog. ☀️

Sun dogs are bright, determined, go-getter dogs (who might also be a little fiery). They won’t back down from a challenge, and they’re passionate about every aspect of life, from mud romps to car rides and everything in between.

If your dog’s answers were mostly B…


Your pup is a moon dog. 🌒

Moon dogs are easygoing, down-to-earth pups with a gentle attitude. They tend to stay calm during a variety of situations, whether that’s bath time or doggy daycare.

Moon dogs are also great at learning new commands or practicing old ones. They’re a reliable furry friend you can always count on.

If your dog’s answers were mostly C…


Your pup is a star dog. 💫

Star dogs are cheerful, carefree, and run like the wind. These pups are likely to wander, and love any sort of adventure — whether that’s a hiking trip in a national park or just a long walk in the neighborhood. These dogs are social and fun, and get along well with all sorts of animals and people.

If your dog got an even mix of A, B, or C…

dog in sunglasses

Your pup is a comet dog. ☄️

Your pup is eclectic, quirky, and totally unique. They might have odd tastes, strange habits, or act goofy — and that’s just who they are! They know that no matter how silly they might be, you absolutely love them for it.

So what did YOUR dog get?

Drop a reply on Instagram or Facebook and share whether you think it matches their personality!

Also, check your answers for question #2…

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