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Badlands Ranch is a proud sponsor of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which works tirelessly to protect dogs from cruelty, provide them with the medical care they desperately need, and move vulnerable dogs from high-kill shelters to safe, loving homes.

And to celebrate love this month, we’re thrilled to feature some beautiful stories (and pictures) from wonderful adoptive families and their lucky pups.


rescue dogs“This is the picture I received of Rosie at the shelter. She had completely shut down and given up all hope. Would not even turn around and look out of the kennel. Just sat in the corner, head down, totally dejected. People don’t understand that animals have these emotions too and they know neglect and rejection.

I was in UT at the time but I quickly got hold of the shelter and pulled her. We boarded her in LA for a few weeks and then brought her up here to UT. She stayed here at the Ranch for about a year, enjoying safety and care, but she was one of many dogs.

rescue dogAnd then a wonderful couple saw her on our website and came for her. They had never had Pit Bulls before but Rosie was who they wanted and so off she went. It is simple-minded to say that they adored her. It went way past that. She was the heart of their household and I have many pictures of her with them.

rescue dogMy favorite is Rosie sitting on the sofa with Todd, the husband, watching “The Crown” together. It’s wonderful. From no hope and despair to a place where she was her own “Queen” and was able to do what Pit Bulls, and most dogs, do best —— bring love, joy, comfort, and hope to her family. We, humans, are wasting so much positive, healing energy that these animals bring into our lives by disregarding their value.”


rescue dog“Cassius was the only surviving puppy of a Chi that they had to do a cesarean on and all the other puppies including the mother died. We took him to our medical foster and she fed him every two hours around the clock for months to keep him alive. He weighed 3oz when we pulled him. He made it and is now with a wonderful family.

The most important message from all of these animals and their stories is that they ALL MATTER. Every one of these lives matters. They matter on many levels – for our world and our souls. And each of them is now having the opportunity to live the life they were meant to have and enrich the lives of the people who took them in and brought them into their homes.”


“Gracie was pulled from the shelter right before she was due to be euthanized which they had already done with her sister. She was a mange baby and we got her all the necessary medical attention and time to heal. Now she’s a service animal for an autistic child.”


rescue dog


rescue dog


“Henry was hit by a car and left for dead for 5 days by the side of the freeway before animal services picked him up and took him to the shelter. We pulled him and put him with a medical foster and got him the Vet care and PT he needed because of a spinal cord injury. After recovery, he was adopted out to a wonderful family.”


rescue dog


rescue dog

Just look at those furry, smiling faces!

It goes to show what a difference a loving home can make for just about any dog. But for every love story featured here, there are countless dogs still waiting on their “furever love” — which is why our partnership with The Heigl Foundation is so important.

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*Images courtesy of the Jason Heigl Foundation